PS 110: General Physical Science - Spring 2010, Marshall University


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  • Brief Reports

    Your reports should be approximately 3 paragraphs long, which means about 1 – 1 ½ pages double spaced, not including the reference list or any illustrations. (As a rule, illustrations are not helpful in this kind of brief report, so please do not include any.) 

    One paragraph should explain what is new or newsworthy in the story.  You may need to use other books, magazines, or web sites to explain terms. Just be sure to reference all your sources!

    Another paragraph should tell how this relates to material in your textbook.  Basically, give the chapter, section, and page numbers. In many cases, the textbook will only deal with the matter in general terms, whereas the article will get into specifics. Explain the relationship.

    Finally, you can use one paragraph to describe how you feel about this, and whyIs it good news or bad news?  Do you see a practical result? Does this event or discovery make a revolutionary or incremental change to the scientific understanding of the the topic?  What follow-up research would you anticipate?

    Don't forget to document your sources!  You can use any reasonable style, but make sure when you reference a website you give enough information that I can find that very page.

    Due Monday, Jan. 18 -- Choose Your Topic from One of the Following:

    Due Monday, Feb. 15 -- Choose Your Topic from One of the Following:

    Other topics will be added later.

    Extra study aids for PS 110.

    All of the following are good places to look for news about science.


  • Here are some other resources that might be useful:

  • Online Unit Conversions
  • Prefixes for large and small numbers
  • WebElements Periodic Table
  • Fundamental Physical Constants from NIST
  • Planetary Sciences at the National Space Science Data Center

  • Science in Popular Culture

  • Intuitor Insulitingly Stupid Movie Physics
  • Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy


  • Science Made Stupid
  • Ask Dr. Science